Author: d63adminghu

Why No Noses On Statues?

There’s a common mis-theory that because so many noses are missing from ancient statues and carvings, that here must have been some kind of conspiracy to remove them. Now that does apply to certain other semi-prominent appendages on male Roman statues (but ask the various popes about that one). Instead it’s really just the fact […]

Sometimes WOW Just Sums It Up

You may have heard of wearable art, and even seen some pretty impressive and beautiful creations. But have you heard of the World Of Wearable Art, from down under New Zealand. If you haven’t then you’re in for quite a treat. Because there are some truly wonderful creations you have yet to discover, as well […]

Your Body Is An Artful Canvas

Our body can be a blank canvas when it comes to beauty. You can be mostly unaware of it and choose to ignore the way it looks. Or you can pay too much attention, become obsessed and start to develop an unhealthy impression of the way your body looks to others. There’s also lots of […]

Getting Arty With Hair Extensions

We’ve been getting artistic with hair recently. Which anyone can do – no really, with the quality of wigs and extensions available this applies to everyone – male and female alike. Hair extensions are a great way to get the look of longer, fuller hair easily and quickly. Clip in hair extensions can be either […]