Why No Noses On Statues?

nosefilmcansThere’s a common mis-theory that because so many noses are missing from ancient statues and carvings, that here must have been some kind of conspiracy to remove them.

Now that does apply to certain other semi-prominent appendages on male Roman statues (but ask the various popes about that one).

Instead it’s really just the fact that noses stick out. So they have a greater tendency to get knocked and broken. They also take the brunt of the weather if the statue is outside – not only are noses more prominent, they are also higher up, both of which tends to make them likely to be even more exposed to weather.

So just like in normal life, noses just simply get broken.

Of course we can repair or reconstruct them, but such reconstruction surgery is controversial because in a sense it’s taking away some of the history that makes that piece of work what it is today.

Noses are unusual parts of the body that greatly define how we look, and tricky to get right when drawing or painting them. If a face looks ‘wrong’, look more closely at the nose to see if you’ve got the angle and shape just right.

This translates into real life too of course, where snap judgements are made every day on noses – they are right there staring us in the face every time we talk to someone. Jewish, roman or african – they can also tell us a lot about race and genetics.

Which is what a new small exhibition in Christchurch, New Zealand is all about. Noses and what they tell us about the faces behind them. This broadens into what happens when noses are damaged and how they can be repaired surgically, as well as makes us think deeper about the cosmetic surgery industry and if it is right or wrong to actually change our noses (and indeed our faces) for purely cosmetic reasons – to reach some untouchable ideal shape. It’s a dilemma faced by a significant percentage of the population. There is more to it than you might think though – and the recovery times from this kind of surgery range in the months not days! So only take this on if you’re feeling brave, and maybe check out the exhibition first for a better idea of what you’re in for.


Incidentally, did you know a collection of noses has a name? It’s a nasothek, and a number of museums have one. Bizarre fact of the week that you can now share with friends. They wo’t think you dull – just a little odd, and I think we all need a bit more odd.

Sometimes WOW Just Sums It Up

You may have heard of wearable art, and even seen some pretty impressive and beautiful creations.

But have you heard of the World Of Wearable Art, from down under New Zealand.

If you haven’t then you’re in for quite a treat. Because there are some truly wonderful creations you have yet to discover, as well as some very talented artists.

Take this very impressive example (and yes, this is made of wood):-


Or how about this one which is called second skin:-


These incredible creations are just the tip of the iceberg. Can you imagine the care that goes into producing these. What can I say – WOW!

Your Body Is An Artful Canvas

bodycanvasOur body can be a blank canvas when it comes to beauty. You can be mostly unaware of it and choose to ignore the way it looks.

Or you can pay too much attention, become obsessed and start to develop an unhealthy impression of the way your body looks to others.

There’s also lots of fun middle ground to your artful body too though. You can turn it into very much a work of somebody elses art if you like, and many do, through a whole range of tattoo options. That could be small tribal motifs or a full body canvas.

Then there’s the pure beauty level of tweaking, maintaining and refining what you have to make it look better. That covers everything from simple moisturizing through to skin whitening products for the body. With new products to keep our demand satisfied coming out all the time.

Now the style gurus at one of my favorite magazines, Cosmo, have many and varied opinions on what makes beauty.


Because like all magazines, it not made up of just one person – a lot of journalists work for the magazine so you will get a lot of different opinions there. Some of which do look down on ways to bleach the skin, which I think is more than a little unfair. We don’t all get the skin color or tone at birth that we would like, and just like not having the hair color we like, you can make some changes to that. I say each to their own, and so long as you are truly happy with your choices, then they can’t really be bad choices can they? Which I think agrees more with the opinions you’ll find on http://whiteningcreamreviews.com – if it’s truly not wrong for you, then it can only be right.

Now before you start sending in the emails of disagreement. It’s fine to disagree. We can each make our own choices of what we do with our artful blank canvas. I’ll choose to paint mine as I see fit, and I will fully defend your right to paint yours the way in which you wish too. Agreed?

Getting Arty With Hair Extensions

yellowhairWe’ve been getting artistic with hair recently. Which anyone can do – no really, with the quality of wigs and extensions available this applies to everyone – male and female alike.

Hair extensions are a great way to get the look of longer, fuller hair easily and quickly. Clip in hair extensions can be either synthetic or made from real hair, and come in either a full single piece, or smaller individual extensions which are placed in layers under your real hair. While the use of hair extensions has gained popularity over recent years, many women are still uncertain of how to properly use them, however it is easy to create a beautiful, natural look if you follow some simple tips.

Buying The Right Clip In Hair Extensions

Choosing the right extensions is of paramount importance, these days extensions come in different weights to cater to all types of hair, from thin and fine to thick. Choosing the right weight will ensure your extensions blend with your hair and look natural. It’s also important to get the closest color match possible, but the good news is that many types of hair extensions can be dyed to match your hair.

If you will be using your extensions regularly, I recommend purchasing extensions made from real hair as these can be heat styled. Some synthetic fibre extensions can be damaged by curlers and straighteners so double check what can and can’t be done to your extensions before you purchase them.

Create The Right Base

This step is particularly important for those of us with fine hair, as without creating something for the extension clips to grasp onto they are likely to be uncomfortable and slip out during the day. The best way to create the right base is to tease your hair at the root, this creates a rough surface for the clips to securely hold onto. It’s also a good idea to gently tease the hair which will sit on top of the extension clips, this will ensure the look is natural and also creates extra volume.

Try Different Styles


Hair extensions aren’t just for loose, flowing hair styles, they are also great for updo’s, braids and ponytails. Individual clip in pieces are best for updo’s as they offer the most versatility in terms of extension placement. One hair look which is very popular at the moment is a side braid, this looks spectacular when done with clip in extensions to create a full, thick braid.

Care For Your Extensions

Just as you need to look after your real hair, you also need to properly care for your extensions to ensure they stay looking their best. Many extensions can be gently shampooed and conditioned but it’s best to check with the manufacturer as to the best way to clean your extensions.