Your Body Is An Artful Canvas

bodycanvasOur body can be a blank canvas when it comes to beauty. You can be mostly unaware of it and choose to ignore the way it looks.

Or you can pay too much attention, become obsessed and start to develop an unhealthy impression of the way your body looks to others.

There’s also lots of fun middle ground to your artful body too though. You can turn it into very much a work of somebody elses art if you like, and many do, through a whole range of tattoo options. That could be small tribal motifs or a full body canvas.

Then there’s the pure beauty level of tweaking, maintaining and refining what you have to make it look better. That covers everything from simple moisturizing through to skin whitening products for the body. With new products to keep our demand satisfied coming out all the time.

Now the style gurus at one of my favorite magazines, Cosmo, have many and varied opinions on what makes beauty.


Because like all magazines, it not made up of just one person – a lot of journalists work for the magazine so you will get a lot of different opinions there. Some of which do look down on ways to bleach the skin, which I think is more than a little unfair. We don’t all get the skin color or tone at birth that we would like, and just like not having the hair color we like, you can make some changes to that. I say each to their own, and so long as you are truly happy with your choices, then they can’t really be bad choices can they? Which I think agrees more with the opinions you’ll find on – if it’s truly not wrong for you, then it can only be right.

Now before you start sending in the emails of disagreement. It’s fine to disagree. We can each make our own choices of what we do with our artful blank canvas. I’ll choose to paint mine as I see fit, and I will fully defend your right to paint yours the way in which you wish too. Agreed?